The story behind ‚Äča teen running a sweet business

Layla Renee

Suga Babes Beauty is a plant-based skin care company which provides teens with products that will help them reach their skincare goals. 


Layla started SBB, April 2012 at the age of 10. Her inspiration for skin care grew as she got older seeing her mother pamper herself with a whole collection of delicious looking sugar scrubs, body lotions, face masks, and "smell goods" as her great-grandmother, Frances Collins would say.


Little did she know that her love for skin care would change her lives! Layla suffered from really bad eczema. Her skin was dry, scaly and rough. Her mother took her to doctor after doctor seeking help. All of the prescribed medications did not seem to work. Who would have thought that a little girl in a single parent home with little to no money would mix a few ingredients in her kitchen would help her eczema? Not only has SBB been a life changer for Layla, but it has also been a life changer for her many customers who suffer from the same skin irritation.


SBB has set out to be the premier plant-based skin care product line for teens that will enhance their well-being organically and to promote being kind to your skin and the environment.


Layla is  not only a successful teen entrepreneur, she is also a motivational speaker, author and community leader. She is an exceptional student and is involved in various leadership clubs. Layla has been the keynote presenter at Dell Computers, in Round Rock, TX and UT McCombs School of Business in Austin, TX (Latinitas Organization). She has participated at the Kids Expo in Sacramento, CA as a teen entrepreneur panelist. she has also been featured on the front page of the Houston Chronicle business section and numerous online publications and blogs.


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