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Young people between 12 to 18 years old grow rapidly and experience considerable physical changes that affect both their bodies and minds. Teenage skin reflects this growth spurt by producing skin problems that include acne, excessive oiliness, blackheads, large pores, blemishes, etc.


Our interactive tween & teen Glow Up Parties are designed to help you deal with the changes you are experiencing and to develop healthy skincare habits from an early age, as well as introduce several natural solutions you may implement at home for more healthy skin.


At the heart of our Glow Up Parties is our passion to empower girls with this basic life skill, skincare. We are all unique and beautiful. Our parties are designed to make each girl aware of this and to bring out their own self-confidence. 


Our Glow Up Parties will introduce the skills and knowledge that are necessary to bring the best out of themselves. We will tackle issues that they may face and help guide them in making better choices along the way.  



Glow Up Parties are suitable for girls aged 5-15. Practical, informative and fun, learn how to be your best, happiest self.


You will enjoy a fun-filled, informal, interactive party that will:

  • Explore the Special Needs of teenage skin–Why is my face acting like this?

  • Introduce Skincare Basics–easy steps for a daily healthy skin regime

  • Introduce the principle of Skin Nutrition–a key to healthy skin

  • Give an overview of your Seasonal Skincare needs–changing with the seasons

  • Discuss Skincare Products–what is what?

  • Make your own products (we provide all of the materials)

  • Through each of these steps, there will be lots of interaction! We mean lots! This is very informational and fun!

  • We use all of our products during the demonstrations.

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